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Digivate is a unique digital marketing agency that applies innovative, proven psychology to websites - to take their e-commerce clients beyond their competitors.
You can find us in Covent Garden, where we offer end-to-end digital marketing services including:

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s most trusted retail and ecommerce brands; and the reason we are pioneers in this field is because we apply psychology to every e-commerce business we work with.

Our unique neuroscientific approach means, put simply, we know things other agencies don’t. We know how to address your buyer’s hidden anxieties, how to communicate effectively with your client base, and how to remove the unconscious blocks that are stopping your customers from filling out that form or clicking that button.
And that’s not all. We have an impressive level of expertise across every discipline to get our clients unimaginable revenue. From design to development, UX, A/B testing, copy writing and user research.

Contact us now if you want to double your traffic, achieve 100% uplifts in conversion or grow your revenue quicker than you thought possible.

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How To Use Conversion Rate Optimisation For Online Retail


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Want More Success Using Social Media? 5 Tips for Online Retailers

Want More Success Using Social Media? 5 Tips for Online Retailers


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