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Here at Carlton we design and supply smart packaging materials and processes for operations worldwide. We believe that using smarter packaging and increasing process speed will enhance the consumer experience as well as reducing overall operational cost.

Loads smarter® is our proven methodology to increase our clients’ profitability and increase their consumer loyalty.

So why does your operation need a Load Smarter service?

In working with many fulfilment operations distributing a wide range of products, we understand where to focus for real results. We understand that the packaging process is made up of three key areas;

Products; is the operation using the right products? Does the product improve the consumer experience? Can we reduce environmental impact through a smarter product? Can we reduce product damage? Can we reduce, improve, increase, strengthen………make it loads smarter®?

Processes; are the right packing processes in place? Can we increase throughput? Can we reduce operator fatigue? Can we make the operators more effective? Will automation benefit the operation? Can it be faster, smoother, leaner, happier…….loads smarter®?

Services; is the right packing materials supply solution in place? Can we reduce your stockholding? Can we save your time stock checking? Can we ensure better raw material prices through forward planning? Can it be hassle free, reliable, consistent, more effective……loads smarter®?

From a full packaging review and integrated systems, to simple designs and ongoing material supply, we can work with you to decrease costs, increase profitability and build consumer loyalty. Questions you should ask about your operation include; when was the last packaging and processes review? How do the consumers rate the receiving and opening experience? Does the outer packaging represent the brand? Is it quick to use? Is product damage experienced during transit?

If you have a fulfilment operation in Europe, we can help you! After 22 years of consistent service, we’re helping more clients than ever before. With in-house packaging design, large stock-holding, fast delivery, razor sharp pricing, proven methodology and market experience, you’re in safe hands!

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