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Apptus specialise in the management and presentation of customer experiences, providing the tools required by online retailers to merchandise products, promotions and content to maximise sales and customer life-time value.
At its heart, eSales is a relevance engine, determining each customer’s shopping intent from analysis of their online behaviour and tailoring in real-time product assortments and promotional content accordingly. This results in unparalleled personalisation of each customer’s visit, across all aspects of their journey, including search, categories, navigation, recommendations and promotions.

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IMRG Performance Management Dinner

IMRG Performance Management Dinner


We will explore the opportunity and the challenges that intelligent, automated merchandising can play in transforming the way that retailers select and present content online.....

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Merchandising as a discipline

Merchandising  as a discipline


If you want to know how far ahead of the curve any retailer might be, simply look at their org chart. There’s usually everything you need to know in that one simple diagram....

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