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Actinic offers a high performing, comprehensive e-Commerce solution for VSBs and SMBs. With 10,000 e-merchants, (The UK, France, Spain, and Italy) across 21 industries, and a revenue growth of over 45% per year, Actinic is the leading e-Commerce solutions provider in Europe based on a SaaS technology model. Actinic provides a wealth of features, reliability, quick to start solutions and is continually evolving to keep in line with the latest e-Commerce developments. In order to quadruple its turnover in the following 5 years, Actinic has announced the fundraising of 5 million euros from private investors and aims to extend the partnership strategy with the most important market actors. Actinic confirms its leading position by becoming the exclusive solution for Sage in 2015. Actinic now offers Sage customers the full potential of e-Commerce with a complete and integrated e-Commerce solution. In 2015, Google also chose to award Actinic with the highly prestigious Google Premier SMB Partner certificate. SMEs prefer Actinic’s e-Commerce Solution in numbers • 165 experts (15 designers and more than 30 certified Google experts • 21 business activities • £750 million online turnover in 2017 • 7 million order in 2017 • Actinic sites make between £10.000 and £12 million a year, on average A unique e-Commerce solution and 3 key factors to succeed online • SaaS technology that helps you grow • Unique number of features that cover all your needs • A real partner backing your success : e-commerce expertise covering all areas to develop your business The English company Actinic is based in London and aims to develop its business further in Europe. The e-Commerce solution focusses on local expansion, strengthening the market position for its 4 European brands: Actinic in the UK, Oxatis in France, Xopie in Spain and Mytho in Italy. For more information, visit:

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