[PODCAST] How retailers can use customer content



Can brands curate user content without losing authenticity?

What actually is an ‘influencer’?

How can retailers mitigate brand damage when user content is negative

On March 7 2018, IMRG Strategy and Insight Director Andy Mulcahy sat to talk about customer content with:

Alex Leith, Head of Trading at Summit

Justin Barrett, Senior Director at Brightcove

Geeta Randev, Head of Performance Marketing at LiveArea

More content than ever is coming from customers. It’s a powerful double-edged sword for online retailers. Vloggers and creators with large followings can make or break a product. But not only that — essentially every ecommerce shopper has the power to broadcast either a positive or a negative opinion or experience.

If retailers can steer user-generated content for their benefit, and measure its results, the benefits can be great.

So how do you do that?

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