8 features of the best click and collect offerings

By: Michelle McSweeney

There’s no question or doubt — implementing click and collect as part of your ecommerce strategy can have a monumental effect on your overall customer experience.

And that can be monumental ‘good’ or monumental ‘bad’, by the way.

This article will share eight ways offer the best click and collect customer experience.

Remember …

Click and collect isn’t just something that you can simply plug into your website and suddenly expect customers to start flocking to your stores in their droves. If you want to successfully execute a click and collect experience that will delight your customers, you have to make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases.

Because if a customer has a negative click and collect experience with you, chances are that it’s not just going to deter them from ordering something through click and collect on your e-Shop again, it will most likely make them want to write off your brand entirely!

Let’s not forget that age old statistic — it’s 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. So wouldn’t it be a crying shame to implement click and collect, have customers that are actually utilising the option, but then fall at the final hurdle?!

Here are the key elements for ensuring that click and collect is an experience that will be remembered by your customers for all the right reasons.

1. A designated in-store area

Unless your shop floor space is extremely limited, try to assign an area in your store that’s solely dedicated to click and collect orders. That way, customers can feel like they are ‘skipping the queue’, rather than having to line up with other shoppers to simply collect an order that they’ve already purchased.

Be strategic when choosing the location of your collection point. Ideally it should be assigned to an area that gets significant footfall so that retail staff can take full advantage of upsell opportunities.

2. A clearly signposted the pick-up point

Neon sign

Have signage that clearly shows customers exactly where in the store they can collect their order. Even if you only have a single checkout area that doubles up as your click and collect depot, it’s still imperative that your customers know where to go to pick up their orders.

Not only does this make the overall collection process smoother for the customer, but it also plants the seed in other shoppers’ minds that click and collect is an option for them the next time they’re shopping online.

3. They shout it from the rooftops


It also goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway…) that click and collect needs to be clearly signposted as a delivery option on your e-shop. Potential customers should be able to see that click and collect is an option as early in the purchasing process as possible.

Make sure that click and collect is highlighted on your homepage, product pages, and the delivery section of your online store.

4. A top notch notification system

Not only does a customer need to be notified when their order is ready for collection by email or text (or ideally, both), but those notifications need to also clearly list the order reference number, the store opening hours, what they need to bring when collecting the order, and information on how long the order will be held in-store.

On the delivery section of your website, you should also inform users about the notification process, including when and how customers will be notified.

5. They're ‘tap and collect’ friendly

Click and collect is no exception to the mobile-first approach that eCommerce brands need to take to engage with online customers and drive sales. Smartphone location features should enhance the customer experience by identifying a customer’s nearest store, as well as directions to help them get there.

Customers need to be able to order online through your mobile site or app on their daily commute and collect it in-store on their way home from work. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile, it’s definitely not going to be optimised for click and collect!

6. They allow customers to change/cancel their orders

Customers need to have the option to amend or cancel their click and collect order through their user account on your website. They also need to be able to easily contact your customer service team across various channels (email, phone, live chat, social) to get the information they need to make amendments to their order.

7. They make sure all sales staff are up to speed

The only way that you can offer a truly positive click and collect customer experience is by ensuring that all in-store sales assistants are fully trained in the entire click and collect customer journey. There should be a process in place so that they know exactly what to do from the moment a click and collect delivery arrives to the store to the moment that a customer comes in to pick it up.

Customers should never be left waiting for longer than it would take for them to pick something off a shelf in your physical store and checkout the old-fashioned way. Your sales team should be your biggest click and collect advocates.

8. A contingency plan

Flow chart

You know what they say about best laid plans! Chances are that at some point in time, a customer is going to come into your store to collect their order, and for one reason or another it’s not going to be there, or it’s going to take longer than expected to locate, or some sort of force majeure is going to mean that the customer experience is not going to be up to scratch.

And we all know the adage of ‘have a good experience, tell one person, have a bad experience, tell ten.’ So put a plan in place to counteract this – maybe in these cases, a small voucher or discount to use against their next purchase is offered to the customer.

Online retailers should always remember that click and collect and customer experience go hand in hand. So if you’re going to make click and collect part of your ecommerce offering (and we certainly recommend you do considering that UK click & collect sales are predicted to account for 13.9% of total online spend in 2022), you should make sure that it is going to amplify your customer’s experience rather than take away from it.

By: Michelle McSweeney, Content Marketing Specialist, Kooomo

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